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Ask Hors–Sex and the busy grad student

Dear Hors, My love life since starting graduate school has been in the pits. With the grueling reading, days devoted to writing, and grading for hours on end, I don’t have much time to spend on romantic candlelight dinners. I told my partner this is how it was going to be for the first few … Continue reading

Is Folly Still Marching? Seven Pitfalls for Contract Negotiation Campaigns

By BRIAN WALSH Labor Relations and Research Center   Historian Barbara Tuchman’s The March of Folly examines four instances of what she considered to be folly in human history – bringing the wooden horse into Troy, Renaissance popes’ consistent bad behavior triggering the Protestant Reformation, arrogant British policies causing the loss of thirteen valuable colonies, … Continue reading

Once again, grad students face costly changes without their input

On April 4, the Graduate Student Senate delivered a formal recommendation to Chancellor Holub and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Campus Life Jean Kim regarding the university’s recent changes over graduate housing. The letter read as follows: We, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS), the official representative governing body of graduate students propose the following … Continue reading

UMass grad students take to the airwaves to reform education

BY RACHEL THIBAULT Department of Communication Education Radio is an activist-oriented radio program created primarily by UMass grad students and local educators in response to what they see as a growing need for attention to the destructive nature of market-based education reform. The VOICE asked the collective to answer some questions about their show, their … Continue reading

Self-publish or perish?

BY DAN ALLOSSO Department of History   Say self-published to anyone over about 30, and the first thought they’ll probably have is “vanity press.” It has always been possible to have a manuscript printed and bound, and there are plenty of examples of useful histories that have been produced this way. Nearly all the “Centennial” … Continue reading

VOTE for GSS officers and referenda

GSS Voting Begins! Vote April 24 – April 26 for Officer Elections! Vote April 24 – May 7 on the referendum for a constitutional amendment! Here are the links both to the GSS Officers Election AND the GSS Referendum Question: GSS Officers Election (4/24/2012 at 9am through 4/26/2012 at 5pm): GSS Referendum Question (4/24/2012 … Continue reading