Ever wonder what the plan for future campus construction is?

Look no further.

The following was submitted to the Voice by Ludmilla Pavlova, Senior Facilities Planner and Adjunct Professor at UMass.

UMass Amherst is in the process of developing a master plan for the campus – the first in 20 years – that will serve as a guide for sustainable future development and will reinforce the campus strategic academic plan known as the Framework for Excellence. With 28 times the acreage of the Boston Common, more than four times the square footage of the Empire State Building, and a weekday population of more than 40,000, the campus is a little city of learning and entrepreneurship. The master plan effort integrates systems planning for utilities and transportation, residential, academic, student life, athletic and administrative buildings, and natural systems in a manner that provides an overarching vision and identity for the future of the campus.   Dennis J. Swinford, director of campus planning, emphasizes that the master plan is not just about building buildings, but about building campus.  The proposed plan includes recommendations to enliven the core of the campus by moving student activities and classrooms closer to the center and building a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly system for people to move around.

The master plan draft was released for public comment on November 16, 2011 and features the Master Plan Explorer – an interactive website that not only offers a wealth of information about the evolving UMass campus, but also provides opportunities for feedback.  Follow the QR Code to go directly to the Master Plan Explorer or visit www.umass.edu/cp

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