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GSS news briefs

Constitution ratified On Feb. 7, the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees approved the Graduate Student Senate Constitution. This means that what has hitherto been an informally recognized governing body within the university is now formally recognized. Ratification of the GSS constitution by the board means that GSS is now on a par with the … Continue reading

Rally for healthcare

Written by Scott LaRochelle, office manager at UAW Local 2322   UAW members from the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) at UMass joined with other area coalitions in fighting back against changes to the university health care system. The changes will cut services as well as jobs, making it more difficult for students to get care … Continue reading

Stick it in Your Q: Twin Peaks, best show ever

BY BRIAN COMFORT Department of History   It seems that Netflix, amidst its fairly high-profile PR blunders, is trying hard to predict its future and sees that future, not surprisingly, in streaming on-line content. This means re-negotiating with content providers and, since it is a business, Netflix is looking for the most amount of content … Continue reading

Ask Hors

Dear Hors, You seem like someone who would know a lot about the spectrum of sexuality. I identify as a bi-romantic asexual. For those who don’t know what that is, this means I feel romantic attraction to both genders, but no sexual attraction. I don’t lack a sex drive, and find masturbation pleasurable. I just … Continue reading

The uncertain future of graduate student families at UMass

BY ADINA GIANNELLI Department of Public Health Do graduate student families matter to the UMass administration? There may not be malice in the disregard shown by UMass officials in recent months, but it’s hard to read devotion in the university’s actions. In the last year, graduate student parents at UMass have been hit hard by … Continue reading

Ever wonder what the plan for future campus construction is?

Look no further. The following was submitted to the Voice by Ludmilla Pavlova, Senior Facilities Planner and Adjunct Professor at UMass. UMass Amherst is in the process of developing a master plan for the campus – the first in 20 years – that will serve as a guide for sustainable future development and will reinforce the … Continue reading