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Occupy Student Debt? By Dan Allosso

Occupy Student Debt? BY DAN ALLOSSO I just received an email with a link in it to a campaign associated with the Occupy movement, called the “Occupy Student Debt Campaign.”  ( ) This website seems to originate in New York City — at least they had an event recently at the Red Sculpture in Zuccotti Park … Continue reading

What’s Going on with Our Healthcare?

In recent months, major changes have eviscerated grad student healthcare coverage while increasing its costs. How did what was once a solid healthcare package become so paltry so quickly? Can anything be done about it? BY BRIAN COMFORT When Adina Giannelli found out she was pregnant last spring, she was naturally pretty excited about having … Continue reading

Stick it in Your Q!

BY BRIAN COMFORT I don’t believe in cosmic coincidences. There must be a reason why two directors I dig are both named Hal. And I am not even going to get started on Hal Holbrook or some computer in some movie. Even though I have no idea what the cosmic significance of “Hal” might be, … Continue reading

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, I’m a returning, bisexual grad student, working on my PhD in a social science department. I live in a shared house with friends near campus. I just returned from doing work abroad for my dissertation, and now, in the middle of this fall semester, a problem I’ve had really since I got … Continue reading

Free Movie Theater and Lounge Opens in Easthampton

 Free Movie Theater and Lounge Opens in Easthampton  BY RACHEL THIBAULT   If you’re like most grad students, you are probably always on the lookout for food, drink, and entertainment on the cheap. Free seems to be our buzzword. So perhaps grads should pay attention and check out a new theater and hangout spot in … Continue reading

Falling Backwards: A Graduate Student to Postdoc Story

Falling Backwards: A Graduate Student to Postdoc Story BY STEVEN DAVIS It has been eight years since Dipayan Sarkar came to the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. Entering as a graduate student in 2004, in the department of Plant, Soil & Insect Sciences, Sarkar graduated with his PhD in 2009. Upon graduating Sarkar stayed on … Continue reading

Notes on the Graduate Women’s Network (GWN)

Notes on the Graduate Women’s Network (GWN) BY ADINA GIANNELLI   The Graduate Women’s Network, or the GWN, sponsors a number of events, talks, and programs throughout the academic year. By definition, we are an inclusive organization; all of what we do is free and open to all graduate women and their friends. Much of … Continue reading