Preliminary minutes of 10/18 GSS meeting

Graduate Student Senate

General/Senate Meeting

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Call to Order — 12:15pm


Senators (21): Gene Barbara (Architecture), Emily Heilker (Comparative Literature), Kriste Krstovski, Ellysha (Rae) Recto, Keen Sung (Comp. Sci.), Benjamin St. Peter, Jorge Salazer (ECE), Gonzalo Hernandez (Economics), Justin Helepololei, Jamie Fisher (Anthropology), Ruth Lahti, Faune Albert (English), Keith Wrighton (Labor Studies), Birdie Champ (Education), Mahala Stewart, Eiko Strader (Sociology), Ralph Hogan (History), Travis M. Gagen (Public Health), Hongmei Sun, Robin Anderson, Garth Schwellenbach (GSS)

Non-senator Grad Students (15): Matt Ferrari, Roberto (GEO), Tim Sutton, Eric Magazu,  Zach McDowell,  Valerie Kurka, Amir Masoumi, Dan Armenti, Kevin Moforte, Adina Giannelli, Joe Sapp, Aniruddha Upadhye, Brian Comfort, Chris Sweetapple, Li Gu

Others: Croey Cavalhi, Charles DiMare (SLSO), David Vailantcourt (GSS adviser)
Welcome and Introductions
Approval of minutes of September 20, 2011 meeting
In favor: 20; Against: 0; Abstention: 1.
Old Business

  1. Parliamentarian: Chris Sweetapple is acting Parliamentarian for this meeting. More Parliamentarian volunteers are welcome.
  2. Senate Tax Increase Proposal
  3. Proposed Revised Constitution
  4. GSS Committees:
    1. Finance Committee
    2. VOICE Editorial Board
    3. Childcare Committee
    4. Elections Committee

New Business

  1. Health Care Committee: To be constituted to address health care concerns from graduate student perspectives. A member will be the graduate representative on the UHS committee. Sign-up sheet passed around.
  2. Organizing Committee
  3. Ad Hoc funding for UMass Free Culture

Discussions and Motions

  1. to approve ad hoc funding for UMass Free Culture in the amount of $250; (Senate vote: In favor: 17; Abstention: 0; Against: 0).
  2. to confirm the committee members for Finance Committee, VOICE Editorial Board, and Childcare Committee; (Senate vote: In favor: 18; Abstention: 0; Against: 0)
  3. to vote on the Senate Tax Increase Proposal; (Senate vote: In favor: 17; Abstention: 1; Against: 2)



Sociology: We reviewed the proposal. The only comment we have is that the paper version for The Voice is not necessary.


What is Legal Services? What does it do for us? (Attorney DiMare answered.)


Why was there a reduction in the funding for Office of Family Resources? (Li responded.)


English: Paper version of The Voice unnecessary. GSS overlapping with GEO. Staffing during the summer (compared with GEO) necessary. (Hongmei, Robin, Roberto, Garth, and David (Vailantcourt) responded.)


ECE: Are these agencies financially responsible? Are their programs much used? (Chris responded.)


  1. to vote on the revised Constitution, Article I – IX; (General vote: In favor: 25 Abstention: 2 Against: 3)



Article III

–Program fee student?

–Why the number 7.5%


Article V

–Where do “twenty percent” and “ten percent” come from? We need to be careful with the numbers.

–Minutes of Senate meetings should be made available as soon as possible to graduate public.


Article VII

–Have we done an electronic balloting? Validity of voters?


  1. to vote on the revised Constitution Article X with amendment; (General vote: (In favor: 29 Abstention: 0 Against: 0)

Wrap up Reminders:

  1. GWN Writing Group, Tuesdays, 5-8pm;
  2. Next meeting: Nov. 15, 12:30 – 1:30pm, Campus Center 803

Adjourned at 1:35




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