Official minutes Sept. 20 GSS meeting

Graduate Student Senate

General Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011



Call to Order – 12:30

Present: Derek Doughty, Keen Sung, Rae Recto, Zhongfang Lin, Emily Heilker, Eric Magazu, Xuhui Sun (visiting scholar), Benjamin St. Peter, Jorge Salazer, Kriste Krstovski, Gonzalo Hernandez, Analyn Diaz-Hernandez, Justin Helepololei, Ethan Westall, David Vaillancourt (GSS adviser), Marc Young, Shi (last name), GSS officers and staff

Welcome and Introductions

  • GSS team
  • General members
  • David Vaillancourt


  1. GSO Revenue Fundraising account: GSOs please talk to our financial adviser for university regulations on fundraising account.

New Business

  1. Parliamentarian:  GSS needs to elect a parliamentarian, someone familiar with Robert’s Rules, to be in charge of GSS meeting procedures. Eric and Keen are interested and will follow up on it later.
  2. New Constitution/Bylaws: Garth introduced the proposed new Constitution; aiming for it to be approved by the Board of Trustees on December 9th; a copy (along with the old versions) is included in the meeting packet. It will be voted on by the General/Senate Meeting on Oct. 18th.


A discussion on Senate Meeting quorum (25% of senators) in the new Constitution ensued. Concerns over the possibility of few people making changes were expressed. Increasing departmental representation and participation is the ultimate solution. Parliamentarian was pointed out as a potential tool (among others) in address such issues.


  1. Senator elections


  1. Senate Tax Increase Proposal: Tax is the sole source of revenue for GSS. It has increased $10 in the past 18 years (from $40 per semester to $50 per semester), and is now seriously restricting GSS’s capacity for funding its operations and programs.


  1. GSS Committee Formation: Volunteers are needed for a number of internal and external committees.
    1. Finance Committee (current members: Treasurer, VP, )
    2. VOICE Editorial Board (slated for 6 issues for this year)
    3. Childcare Committee (Current members: VP, GEO Family Coordinator, Treasurer, GWN Coordinator)
    4. Elections Committee (VP, Organizer)

5. University Councils and Committees: Highlights: health council, ad-hoc committee on health insurance for international students, Student of Conduct Hearing Board; Academic Grievance Board; Student Legal Services Advisory Board; Search Committees (Dean of Grad School, College of Fine Arts, and College of Social Behavioral Sciences)
Motion to confirm appointments to University Councils and Committees

In favor: 20

Against: 0

Abstentions: 2

Wrap up Reminders:

  1. GSS/GEO party postponed to 9/27
  2. GSO Fair 9/23 and GSO Re-registration 9/30
  3. Childcare Assistance Program, deadline 9/30
  4. GWN Writing Group begins next Tuesday, room 905 Campus Center, 5-9pm.
  5. Kate from Environmental Conservation calls for more students to fight against the deteriorating condition of Student Health Care.
  6. Next meeting: Oct. 18, 12:30 – 1:30pm, Campus Center 803


Adjourned at 1:40pm.



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