Oct. 18 GSS General Meeting Agenda

Graduate Student Senate

General/Senate Meeting

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Call to Order — 12:15pm

Welcome and Introductions
Approval of minutes of September 20, 2011 meeting


Old Business

  1. Parliamentarian
  2. Senate Tax Increase Proposal
  3. Proposed Revised Constitution
  4. GSS Committees:
    1. Finance Committee
    2. VOICE Editorial Board
    3. Childcare Committee
    4. Elections Committee

New Business

  1. Health Care Committee
  2. Organizing Committee
  3. Ad Hoc funding for UMass Free Culture

Discussions and Motions

  1. to approve ad hoc funding for UMass Free Culture in the amount of $250; (Senate vote)
  2. to confirm the committee members for Finance Committee, VOICE Editorial Board, and Childcare Committee; (Senate vote)
  3. to vote on the Senate Tax Increase Proposal; (Senate vote)
  4. to vote on the revised Constitution, Article I – IX; (general vote)
  5. to vote on the revised Constitution Article X with amendment; (general vote)

Wrap up Reminders:

  1. GWN Writing Group, Tuesdays, 5-8pm;
  2. Next meeting: Nov. 15, 12:30 – 1:30pm, Campus Center 803

Adjournment by 1:45 or sooner



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