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GSS/GEO party at ABC photos

For more photos of the GSS/GEO party in early October at the Amherst Brewing Company, check out our facebook page. Advertisements

Official minutes Sept. 20 GSS meeting

Graduate Student Senate General Meeting Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011   Minute Call to Order – 12:30 Present: Derek Doughty, Keen Sung, Rae Recto, Zhongfang Lin, Emily Heilker, Eric Magazu, Xuhui Sun (visiting scholar), Benjamin St. Peter, Jorge Salazer, Kriste Krstovski, Gonzalo Hernandez, Analyn Diaz-Hernandez, Justin Helepololei, Ethan Westall, David Vaillancourt (GSS adviser), Marc Young, Shi … Continue reading

New coalition for responsible hiring

This article was submitted by Keith Wrightson of the newly formed Responsible Employer Coalition. An exciting new broad-based campaign is hoping to make UMass Amherst a model employer–not just for its own employees, but also for workers hired by contractors and subcontractors. The Responsible Employer Coalition, which includes all the major campus unions, numerous student … Continue reading

Energy saving hints

by Benjamin St. Peter Here is a collection of energy-saving hints whose implementation would require only a modest effort. Using these ideas, the monthly electricity bill of my 3-person household went from $40 to $30. Water Heaters Water temperature in many households may be unnecessarily high. The temperature of most water heaters is controlled with … Continue reading

UHS defends health care changes to GSS, GEO

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, members of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) executive board and staff, along with representatives of the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO), met with university administrators to discuss the recent changes to the Student Health Insurance Plan that have led to increased health care costs for students covered under the plan–some 2,500 GEO … Continue reading

Preliminary minutes of 10/18 GSS meeting

Graduate Student Senate General/Senate Meeting Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Call to Order — 12:15pm Present: Senators (21): Gene Barbara (Architecture), Emily Heilker (Comparative Literature), Kriste Krstovski, Ellysha (Rae) Recto, Keen Sung (Comp. Sci.), Benjamin St. Peter, Jorge Salazer (ECE), Gonzalo Hernandez (Economics), Justin Helepololei, Jamie Fisher (Anthropology), Ruth Lahti, Faune Albert (English), Keith Wrighton (Labor … Continue reading

GSS approves new constitution, increases senate tax

The Graduate Student Senate approved a new constitution and an increase in the fee that supports the GSS at its Oct. 18 meeting. Both measures will be passed on to the university’s Board of Trustees, whose approval is necessary. The new constitution would take effect if and when the board approves it; the tax increase … Continue reading

Full proposal for Senate tax increase

Proposal on GSS Senate Tax Increase September 20, 2011   For the past three years – FY 2009-FY2011 –  the Graduate Student Senate has been running on a deficit averaging $17,719. For FY 2012, the current projections are to have a small surplus but this must be adjusted to take into consideration the summer employment … Continue reading

Oct. 18 GSS General Meeting Agenda

Graduate Student Senate General/Senate Meeting Tuesday, October 18, 2011   Agenda Call to Order — 12:15pm Welcome and Introductions Approval of minutes of September 20, 2011 meeting Announcement Old Business Parliamentarian Senate Tax Increase Proposal Proposed Revised Constitution GSS Committees: Finance Committee VOICE Editorial Board Childcare Committee Elections Committee New Business Health Care Committee Organizing … Continue reading

“No more plan B” — Apocalypse or opportunity?

BY DAN ALLOSSO   Graduate students in the humanities are well aware that, in the words of Inside Higher Ed this week, many of our disciplines have promoted alternate career paths outside the academy while at the same time encouraging us to hold onto the hope that although others might need them, we won’t. Now, however, … Continue reading