GSS Executive Committee, GSS Government


At noon on April 8, 2011, the Executive Committee of the Graduate Student Senate issued the following announcement:

This is to inform the graduate student community that GSS Vice President Changqin Xia has been recalled due to substantial failure to perform his duties. This process was initiated by the GSS Executive Committee and the recall was made after a vote during a Special GSS Senate Meeting on April 4, 2011, and after the voting senators’ validity was confirmed. There were eight official votes in favor of the recall and one official vote against.

Due to the important nature of the issue at hand, a neutral, non-voting staff member in the GSS Office spent the past few days confirming the status of the senators who voted at the meeting. While this confirmation process resulted in the delay of reaching and publicizing the official outcome, the GSS team can now confidently stand behind the results of the vote and the subsequent decision to recall GSS Vice President Changqin Xia.

The meeting minutes will be posted on the GSS website soon. In the meantime, for GSS regulations on recall procedures, please see the GSS Constitution at For more information about the vote, please contact the GSS Office Manager at For more information on the recall initiative, pease contact the GSS President at You may also call us at (413)545-2897.



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