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((To Be Updated As Additional Information Becomes Available))

The GSS Executive Committee has decided to recall GSS Vice-President Changqin Xia, based on allegations that within his term, Xia has substantially failed to perform his executive duties. A special Graduate Student Senate meeting will be convened on Monday April 4th, 3pm-4pm, at the GSS Office (Campus Center 919), for the express purpose of voting on the recall motion.

When asked for comment, GSS President Wenbo Shao stated that “as officers voted and selected by graduate students, we must take our jobs seriously and fulfill our official obligations.

Xia asserts that he has “dedicated a lot of time and energy into the work of GSS” during his tenure as Vice-President, including performing the duties of GSS Office Manager in November and December 2010, when the position was unfilled, and taking “formal responsibility of the Child Care Program” in January 2011.

According to Shao, Xia “failed to fulfill his official duties as Vice-President, such as failing to serve on committees and councils outside GSS, and remaining out of touch with GSS work for more than two weeks during winter break.”

To finalize the recall, a two-thirds majority of Senate voters must approve the motion. While only Senators can vote in the upcoming special meeting, the meeting will be open to the public. GSS President Shao “highly recommend(s)” that all graduate students attend.

According to the GSS Spring 2011 election website, (available at, the GSS Vice-President is charged with the following duties:

  • Serves as President in the absence of the President.
  • Serves as vice-chair of the Finance Committee.
  • Serves as chair of the Childcare Committee.
  • Attends all Executive committee meetings and Senate meetings.
  • Maintains regular office hours and serves on a variety of committees, such as the Childcare program
  • Other duties as described by the GSS Constitution and By-laws.

The GSS Executive Committee reserves the right to default an Executive Officer, according to GSS bylaw Title VI, Chapter 7, Section III.

Title VI, Ch. 7, § III states that the Executive Committee has the authority to certify by majority vote the default of an Executive Officer, upon substantial failure of that officer to perform the duties assigned. The complete text of the relevant GSS By-Laws is below. The GSS By-Laws may be read in their entirety at:

GSS Bylaws:

Title VI, Ch. 7, § III:

The Executive Committee, upon the substantial failure of an officer to perform the duties assigned to that office, shall certify by majority vote the default of that officer under Article V(e) of the Constitution. Such default shall extend over a period of two weeks, and shall be waived in case of reasonable excuse. The Executive Committee shall communicate their decision to the officer concerned by certified mail at her/his last known address.

At the next regular meeting of the Senate, provided that such meetings occur no less than four full class days from the time of the Executive Committee’s communication, the Senate shall vote either to confirm or deny such default.



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